Shamiro – Who ministers by creating Christian music by fusing pop/ ballad/classical music- was born in 1990 in Curacao, a beautiful island located in the Caribbean Sea of Holland. He is a young man who despite his barely 23 years of age speaks four languages​​, he already is a Youth Pastor and worship leader of the Abundant Grace Church of Curacao; he’s recognized as the best Christian music singer and one of the best songwriters by The Musicians Association of Curacao. Additionally, Shamiro is finishing his master’s in Business Administration.

Shamiro is a passionate young man about what he does, his greatest desire is to worship and exalt God while transmitting faith, hope and peace to the world through his music, which essentially contains the powerful message of the Word of God.

God has allowed Shamiro to sing a duet with the greatest psalmists such as Ricardo Rodriguez, Danny Berrios and René González, among others, ministering in the United States, Europe, Colombia and his native Curacao, in the latter his events are completely sold out well in advance. Also, Shamiro has participated in important competitions such as Nashville, Tennesse, USA obtaining not only great success but also great appreciation among participants and the jury.

Shamiro is the youngest of three children of Edmiro Anita and Gwendelina Anita-Kelly. His older sister, Saina Anita, died in a car accident on December 29, 2012 when she was only 28 years old. Due to this tragic event the song “Just a Hug” was born, which also carries the title of his second production. This song has become a source of hope, comfort and strengthening – not just for Shamiro and his family – but also for all those who listen and see, since he has just released his videoclip.

Shamiro began singing in public at age 17 when he sang for his mom on her birthday the beautiful song “You Raise Me Up”, later he participated very successfully in the “Curastars” competition achieving great recognition and popularity.

In 2010 Shamiro launched his first production “Move Every Mountain” in his native Papiamento language, precisely – his promotional single that has the same name as the production – it is still being played with much success in his native Curacao and Medellin,

Colombia, a city where he reached the top spot for several weeks in the Top 10.

Now, with his second production-“Just A Hug” Shamiro further strengthens his dream to impact the world with the Word of God to inspire people through his music to have faith, hope and joy in Jesus Christ.

Some of the achievements of Shamiro were:

  • He was awarded “The Male Vocalist of the Year 2012, 2013 and 2014 – Best Vocalist of the Year” (Best Vocalist of the Year 2012-2014).
  • He won the award for the best worship singer in 2012.
  • His song “Un Brasa so mi Ke” (“I Only Want a Hug from You”) was awarded the best worship song of 2012.
  • He had an outstanding participation in the great singing competition “Immerse 2012″ in Nashville USA, where Shamiro finished third.
  • His Grand Concert ‘Move Tur Montaña’ (“Move Every Mountain”) was awarded as the best praise and worship concert in 2011.
  • In 2011 he was awarded as one of the best songwriters by the Musicians Association of Curacao.
  • Best song of the year 2011 in Curacao with the theme ‘Move Tur Mountain’ (Move Every Mountain).
  • Third Finalist of the great singing contest CuraStars in Curacao 2009/2010.
  • Sold out concerts since 2011.
  • Over 40 performances annually since 2010.
  • He has been very successful in Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Netherlands and Medellin Colombia, where he has positioned his music – in some of these countries – as number 1.
  • His album "Sólo Un Abrazo" was nominated as "Best Singer/Songwriter Album" of 2014 by Premios Arpa
  • His videoclip "No Soy Igual Que Ayer" was featured on in the top 10 Best Videoclips of 2014
  • His album "Sólo Un Abrazo" was nominated as "Best Singer/Songwriter Album" of 2014 by Premios AMCL
  • His videoclip "No Soy Igual Que Ayer" was nominated as "Best Regional/Tropical Music Video" by Premios VMCL