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The album “Un Brasa So Mi Ke” (A Hug Is All I Want) is a beautiful album filled with inspirational and God-Centered songs. It is a mix of Shamiro’s style of classical pop but has danceable and upbeat songs in Papiamento (Curacao’s native language), Spanish and English.

Shamiro Anita is a young and dynamic artist. He was born on the beautiful island of Curacao, where he currently lives. Shamiro is the youngest son of Edmiro Anita and Gwendeline Anita and the brother of two sisters, Jhanirha Anita and Saina Anita, who passed away in 2011.

He is the leader of the youth group at the church which he is currently attending and he is a popular spokesperson for the ATM (Abstain Till Marriage) foundation. He has finished his bachelor diploma and will continue on to get his master’s diploma in Business in 2014.

Shamiro plays tennis, ping pong and likes to swim. He enjoys reading books, writing and singing. It is his dream to impact the world with the positive messages of God and inspire everyone to have everlasting hope and joy no matter how dark the situation get or how hopeless things may seem.

Shamiro started his musical career when he was 17 years old, when he sang for the first time in front of a public at his mother’s 45th birthday. Then he participated at a local singing competition called ‘Curastars’. There he gained popularity with his pop-operatic voice. Although he came up as the 3rd finalist, many acknowledged him and saw great potential in him.

Shamiro released his first single (independently) tituled ‘Move Tur Montaña’, which is papiamentu for Move Every Mountain, on radio in 2010. The song quickly gained momentum and reached the number one spot on most of the charts in Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire. The single was followed by an album, also tituled ‘Move Tur Montaña’, which is available to order.

After the album release, the foundation ‘Ban ku fe, huntu nos ta logr’e’ (Go with faith, together we can achieve it), helped Shamiro organisation his first live concert titled ‘Gran Concert Move Every Mountain’. The concert was sold out a week before the concert was meant to take place. It was a stellar performance and was voted as the gospel concert of 2011. Then they organized a Christmas concert tituled ‘A peaceful Night, which also sold out a week before the concert.

This second concert was also a great success and reflected the true essence of Christmas in a way that no fan would ever forget. In late 2011, Shamiro and his family experience a great loss. Shamiro’s biggest sister passed away in a car accident. The song ‘Un Brasa So Mi Ke’ (A Hug Is All I Want) was a great help to Shamiro and his family during those dark days.

A concept of the song ‘Un Brasa So Mi Ke’ was finished 1 day before the accident. Shamiro realised then that God was preparing him for the hug that he would so desperately need. The song has ever since blessed thousands of people and in 2013 thay had another sold-out concert with more than 2,000 people. This is the hope that Shamiro wants to share with the rest of the world.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, God is able and willing to help you through it. One hug from Him will change everything!

Just click on the Order Now button below and Get instantaneous access to Shamiro’s albums, “Un Brasa So Mi Ke” and “Move Tur Montaña”.

“Come to Me all who are weary and brokenhearted and I will give you rest.”  - Matthew 11:28

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