Kalma E Tormenta

Kalma E Tormenta (Calm Every Storm) – There is NOTHING impossible for God.

There was once a man who had to travel a lot for his job. Airports and planes were a regularity in his life. During one of his business trips, he met an old friend of his, who happens to be the pilot at the entrance of the plane. They started talking about how life has been and what each of them was up, since they haven't spoken in such a long time. This man knew this pilot well. He knew that ever since they were in their twenties, this friend was flying planes. He had a lot of experience flying to every continent that you can imagine in all types of weather that you can imagine. He was a well-experience and skilled pilot. After a while, they said their goodbye's and the man went to take his seat.

After everybody was seated, seat belt buckled and the flight demonstration movie had finished playing, the plane took off. For the most part of the flight everything seemed to be going fine, however, in the middle of the flight the pilot announced over the speaker phones that there is some bad weather ahead that wasn't expected and that everybody should return to their seats and fasten their seat belts immediately. Not a minute had passed after the announcement that the plane started to experience some heavy turbulence. Everybody felt the sudden shock. The turbulence didn't only last longer than normal, but it was heavier than normal. Then suddenly, the engines started to sound very strange and at that moment, somebody screamed. The people started to panic. Babies were crying and loved ones were doing their best to hold on to each other. Parents were trying to keep their children calm, even when their hearts were racing. Another shock came and the plane went up and down violently. Everybody put their heads down and most of them started to pray. Even though some of them might never had said a prayer in their lives.

Amidst all of the chaos there was one man that was more tranquil and calm then everybody else. Who do you think that was? It was the friend of the pilot. This man knew who the pilot was. He knew that this pilot has many years of experience flying and that he had flown through such turbulence before. This situation didn't take him by surprise and he is probably keeping his cool in the cockpit knowing that it will soon be over. This man's trust was in his friend the pilot and that is why he was capable of remaining calm during the heavy turbulence. Sure enough, after awhile, the turbulence died down and the plane returned to its normal state of flying. There was a sigh of relief through out the whole plane as everybody was thankful that the turbulence had passed. The pilot later announced that the turbulence was over and that everybody were free to move about freely through the plane.

My friend, my question to you is: who is the pilot of your life? When times get bad and the turbulences get heavy; when the storms of life come...what do you do? Do you panic? or would you remain calm? If your trust is in Jesus, there is no reason to panic, because just like the friend of the pilot, you know in whose hands your life is and that He will never abandon you, lead you astray or forsake you. He is in control no matter how out of the control the situation may seem.

In the bible, Matthew 8:35-37, Jesus and the disciples went to cross a lake in a small boat. During this voyage a huge storm kicked up. The disicples started to fear for their lives. They woke up Jesus and asked Him: "We are going to drown in this storm!" Jesus stood up, raised His hands and said to the storm: "Be Still" and immediately, the storm had subsided. Then Jesus turned around and asked the disciples this question: "why are you so afraid?"

My friend, Jesus is asking us the same question. When the storms of life come, when the tide gets high, the waves are coming in and the winds are blowing ferociously...don't panic! Jesus asks us the same question: "why are you so afraid?" Jesus is with us in this boat when the storm of life comes. If we put our trust in Him then we can be sure that He will never let us shipwreck for He is the greatest Captain. He is in control of the storm. There is nothing too difficult for God; there is nothing impossible for Him!

This is the message I want all of you to remember from this music video 'Kalma E Tormenta" (Calm Every Storm). Storms will come; troubles will present, but Jesus will lead us through the storm. God knows your situation and He is able and willing to calm EVERY storm in your life!

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