Shamiro Anita – Konfia ‘Trust’ (Official Music Video)

I remember a story of a man who went to climb the highest mountain on earth. I am not sure if it’s a true story or a parable designed to teach you something. Either way, it sure taught me a lot about trusting in God. This guy wanted to climb this mountain in a time that nobody else has done before and thus set a new world record. The day finally came and there was media everywhere and people cheering him on. After the photographs were taken and hands were shuck at the bottom of the mountain, the man started to climb. He was determined and confident. He was a professional; he knew what he was doing and how he had to do it. As his challenge continued, he was making pretty good time. However, suddenly, a storm came out from nowhere. He decided to set up camp and try to wait for the storm to blow over. After what seemed like a long time, the storm didn't seem to stop or slow down. He was getting inpatient and he knew that he had only one choice if he has still going to meet his goal: go on through the storm. He knew the risks and he took them. He went on through the cold winds and the thickening snow. After awhile he started to feel more relaxed with his choice. But then, the ground began to shake. A thundering sound came from ahead of him. AN AVALANCHE! He panicked and started to run, trying to find a shelter quick enough from tons of snow and ice heading his way. His heart started beating faster and his breath started to get faster. He wasn't running fast enough. The snow caught up with him and like a leaf in the wind swept him away. The avalanche threw him off the edge of the mountain. Just when he thought that he was going to die, his backpack was caught on a piece of rock sticking out from the side of the mountain. There he stayed hanging on the edge of the mountain. He tried to get back up on the mountain, but he knew that the slightest movement would sent him falling into the dark depths below. His radio was gone and no one knew where he was.

After trying everything, frustration came, followed by anger and then sadness. He started to pray; almost scream into the darkness, asking God why He had allowed this to happen to him. He had prayed to the Lord for help and guidance. After his voice started to cracked from all the screaming, he finally stopped. Then suddenly, he heard a voice through the howling of the cold wind. The voice said: “let go and jump.” He was startled and thought that he must have started to lose his mind. Again the voice said: “Let go and jump.” He started to debate with this voice. Why would God want him to die? He had so many plans; so many other goals that he wanted to achieve. What about his family that was waiting for him to return home? Again the voice said: “Let go and jump.” Finally, after debating for some time. He gave up on the voice and didn’t do what it said. After a day had passed, the saw the light of day shining through the storm and far away he could hear the sound of people calling out his name. A rescue team. When they found him, he suddenly realized now that there was light, he was only about 3 feet away from the ground.

The morale of this story, my friend, is that saying that you trust in God isn’t enough. Faith in God is truly tested in dark times; when rationale is no longer available. Are you willing to take that leap of faith? Are you willing to trust in God even though the situation seems hopeless, ridiculous, impossible? I want to encourage you to do so! God will not allow you to fall. He is a trustworthy God. If you trust in Him, you will reach the peak of your mountain in a record breaking time!

Proverbs 3;5-6 which says: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall make your paths straight.”

Remember that ones you share this video you will be able to download the song completely free! I hope that this message blesses you and your family richly to never lose faith in God and to remember that in Him there is always hope!

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