Mi Amor Pa Dios

The bible says that the greatest act of love is when someone gives his or her life for his brother. It also says that God showed this love: for when we were still sinners, He sent His only Son to die for our sins. Can you imagine that? God knew that some of us would not believe, would hate him, ignore him and even try to convince others that He isn't real. Still He loved us unconditionally and still does. Every day that we are alive is another day that God shows us His love and grace.

My question is: how much do you love God? How many times per day do you tell God that you love Him?

since I was young, I developed this habit of telling my mother that I love her every day. After I accepted Christ into my life, I wanted to develop the same habit for God. However, I discovered that it is extremely easy to do so when things are going well, but it is much more difficult to do so when things aren't going that well. That is the message of this song: to love God unconditionally as well. In good times and in bad.

God loves you and shows you this every single day. What you are doing shows your love for Him? God says that if you truly love Him, you will obey His commands. Obedience doesn't have to flow out of a sense of obligation, but out of love. Get into the habit of telling God every day that you love Him. Not only with words, but with action.

Much Love!


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